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Where can I see a short movie or tutorial on how to build my photobook?

Click on this link to watch one of our tutorials

Does fotoboox work with Apple OS X 10.7 (Lion)?

Fotoboox does work with Lion but we have experienced some issues with the loading of products. These issues do not always occur but should you experience any, please contact our our friendly fotoboox team on 01483 596218 and we will guide you through to a resolution. In the meantime, we are working to permanently fix these issues and thank you for your continued support.

How do I Rotate my images?

There are two ways to do this. Right click on the image in the left hand panel before using it within your document. If you have already placed the image into your document then you can rotate it using the orientation tool in your Inspector pallet.

How do I Edit, Scale or Crop an image after I have placed it into a picture box?

Double click on the photo that you want to edit. The image box editor will open and you can define the area you want by ‘drag and drop’, resize if required. You can also move the area around to select the part of image you want.

My picture resizes when I rotate it, what can I do to fix this?

You will need to open the picture box, by double clicking and select the area of the picture that you want to be displayed by drag and drop.

Can I cut and paste text from other packages into Fotoboox?

Yes – use Ctrl-C or Apple-C to copy from your package and then open then double click your text box on the Fotoboox page and Ctrl-V or Apple-V to paste the text into the text box.

Can I select my own image as a background?

Yes – You can add your image to the backgrounds tab using the '+' button on the right hand side of the tab. Or 'Drag and drop’ your picture onto the page, right click, select fit to page or spread and send to back if required. You can change the opacity of this image using the inspector.

Do I have to use the pre-set pages?

No – Some products such as calendars open with page styles in place. You can use these or amend to suit. Photobooks start with plain pages that can be used and edited as you wish. Just click on your page style and drag it onto your page.

Can I add a printed cover after creating my book without one?

No – It is essential to select a printed cover product before creating your photobook.

Can I re-order the same book without having to upload my pages again?

Yes – we will retain all files for three months, just email our customer service team with your previous order confirmation number to re-order your product. If it has been more than three months you will have to upload your pages again.

What happens if I get warning triangles with the 'low quality message'?

Most images will reproduce fine in the printed product. If you have images from a mobile phone or a low Megapixel (2 Megapixel for example) camera then the finished print quality will only be as good as the image provided.

What size or resolution should my image be?

Ideally your images should be 300dpi at actual size of print. Canvases require 200dpi at actual size of print. The system will inform you of any images that fall below 200dpi on canvases.

When trying to order my book, calendar or diary the software is telling me that I have empty text boxes, what does this mean?

These products have been designed with a large number of text boxes where you can type your comments, memorable dates etc. If these boxes are left empty the software recognises this and is reporting it to you in the ordering process. Do not worry about it, this message will not stop you from ordering your gift and must be regarded merely as a notice.

What is the standard turnaround for orders?

5-7 working days ( i.e. excluding weekends)

What is the quickest turnaround?

4-5 working days (exc. weekends) Uk mainland Express Service.

What do I do when I am informed of updates?

Check the updates and you choose whether to update the software. If you select any of the boxes available to update then select the start button your software will start the update process.

How do I use a voucher code?

Using a promotional voucher code is easy. Simply build your product and click on the shopping trolley to purchase your creation, follow the instructions on screen and before you confirm your order, enter the voucher code in the box provided and click on 'apply'. Your final price will be adjusted to reflect your promotional voucher code. Unless otherwise stated, all promotional voucher codes are only valid for one product per household. Further promotional transactions using the same voucher code may invalid all orders. Vouchers cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional offers. Only one promotional voucher code can be used per transaction.

I am a professional photographer and am interested in using Fotoboox for creating my Photobooks, can I see a sample of your books?

Yes you can, in fact you may be entitled to a free photobook using your own images. Simply click on this link, complete the form and we will be in touch with you to arrange your free personalised sample photobook.

My licence says that it has expired, what do I do now or how can I get a new licence?

The licence is very easy to replace and does not require re-installation of the software. Simply download this file and follow these instructions for Mac and PC copy replace the former licence file with the attached file.

Open your 'applications' folder
Open the 'fotobooxl' folder
Replace the existing fotoboox.lkey with the new licence you have just downloaded

Open your C:\ drive
Open 'Program files'
Open the 'fotoboox' folder
Replace the existing fotoboox.lkey with the new licence you have just downloaded

Have we missed anything?

If you have any further questions that have not been answered or would like to make a suggestion or comment, please click on 'Contact' at the bottom of this page and complete the form and we will get back to you shortly.